Unfriended: A Geek and Stud Romance

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2018
9 hours 13 minutes
Charis: Asher Norrell is my dream man-hot, brilliant, and charming, every big, strapping inch of him. Too bad he thinks of me as a platonic buddy. I'm no femme fatale. Nope, I'm the tomboy who shoots hoops with the guys, not the love bunny who sits on their laps. But, oh, well. I guess it's all for the best. Because I just got engaged. Even if the marriage won't be quite . . . the usual kind. I just wonder if Asher will be pissed when he finds out who my fiance is.

Asher: On the surface things are perfect. I'm sailing through college, I'm already successful in my field, I've got a beautiful girlfriend, and life is sweet. To top it off, I have the best friend in the world in Charis Sloane, doctoral student, gamer, and honorary family member from way back. Sure, she's a geek, but so am I under all these muscles. I don't need my bestie to be a girly-girl; I already have one of those to warm my bed. The important thing is, I have Charis's back and she has mine. Good thing, too, because below the surface? My life isn't nearly as awesome as it looks. Then Charis tells me she's getting married . . .

Now I have to stop her, or we'll miss our last chance to make right what should have happened long ago.

Contains mature themes.
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Amanda S.

This was one of the best romcoms I have read in a while. Most of these types of books are fairly predictable. I felt like the twist in this book was rather unique.

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Sarah C.

This is written more like a Hallmark movie and less of a relatable romance.

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Christy R.

Cute story

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The Heidi

Nice crisp listen for a in-between emotional books..

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