UnMarketing: Stop Marketing. Start Engaging.

Written by:
Scott Stratten
Narrated by:
Scott Stratten

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2020
5 hours 34 minutes
For generations, marketing has been hypocritical. Weve been taught to market to others the way we hate being marketed to (cold-calling, flyers, ads); yet were all aware that no one likes to be marketed to. People dont read newspapers for the ads (if they still read them at all); they dont sit by the phone waiting for a cold call; and no one rushes to their mailbox looking for junk mail. Yet for generations we keep teaching the same old stuff; cold calling, direct mail, advertising. Weve come to accept that a 0.01% response rate is a success and every no could lead to the next yes. UnMarketing is here to tell readers that we need to UnLearn the old way. Potential and current customers want to be listened to, validated, and have a platform to be heard -- especially online. This book will show people how to create a mindset and systems that perpetually attract the right customers. Instead of teaching the tired method of Push re the logical choice).  Marketing isnt a task, a role or speciality. It will help all professionals realize that every single time a potential customer comes across a point of engagement with your company -- you are marketing.
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