The Vampire's Assistant: A Paranormal Witch and Vampire Romance Novella

The Vampire's Assistant: A Paranormal Witch and Vampire Romance Novella

Written by:
Eva Alton
Narrated by:
Angel Pean
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2021
2 hours 35 minutes
A magical world beneath a graveyard. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to find magic and love among the creatures of the night.When Julia asks her deceased husband to take her with him, she doesn’t expect an answer. But when it’s vampires who hear her request, she’s given a choice: follow her husband to the hereafter... or become a witch and assist the undead. As Julia tries to solve the mystery of her husband's death, she will get to know Ludovic, a charming Italian vampire who pledged to never fall in love with a witch again.

The Vampire’s Assistant is a paranormal witch and vampire romance & mystery novella.

Praise for The Vampire's Assistant:

- “The Vampire's Assistant is a beautifully written love story, somehow both dark and tragic and sweet and refreshing, all at once. A must read for any lover of the paranormal. Or anyone else, for that matter. I couldn't put it down!” (E. S., Goodreads Reviewer)
- “It was fascinating to learn about both Julia and Francesca's history. I hadn't guessed that either of them had experienced so much.” (E. H., Goodreads reviewer)


-  Stray Witch (Book 1)
- Witch’s Mirror (Book 2)
- Witches Masquerade (Book 3)

- The Vampire’s Assistant (A Prequel: Julia and Francesca’s story. It’s the perfect fast, engrossing introduction to a new vampire series with an adult female protagonist, and the prequel to The Vampires of Emberbury Series by Eva Alton.)
- A Winter's Cobalt Kiss: A Vampire Christmas in the World of Stray Witch
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