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Vigilantes & Thugs: 4 Book Bundle

Vigilantes & Thugs: 4 Book Bundle

Written by:
Jane Fox
Narrated by:
Ruby Rivers
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2017
4 hours 47 minutes
Four quick, sexy reads all in one tight package.

- Vigilante: A mysterious man comes to the rescue
- Instant: Billionaire under cover
- Hide: Two hunky escaped prisoners seek refuge
- Fatale: Will a hired femme fatale fall for her target? 

These short novelettes are complete, hot, and steamy romantic suspense stories you can rip through in 90 minutes or less!

Vigilante: When Elle is attacked in a dark alley, help comes from an unexpected source: A vigilante prowling the streets, looking for trouble. Against every instinct, she finds herself hungry for him, regardless of the danger she sees in his dark eyes. But when her stalker threatens her a second time, how far will she go to find Micah again?

Instant: Hunter wanted Zoe the minute he saw her...and Hunter always gets what he wants. Some people call him arrogant. Innocent Zoe is intrigued by the dangerous-looking stranger she meets on her first day at HunterCorp. Could someone so hot be her first? She's worked hard to be a good girl...but this dark stranger is all she can think of.

Hide: When curvy, shy Trish answers her door, the last thing she expects is two escaped convicts! Hard, muscular Ray and Luke act like they own the place...and her. But she can't deny how hot the two escapees get her. Trish is the first woman they've been alone with in a year, but they don't know if they can trust her. How far will she go to prove she is trustworthy?

Fatale: Alexis is a professional femme fatale, hired to ruin the lives of competitors. Her latest target is Zachary Holt, soon to be heir to the Holt Industries fortune. The job is simple: Break up his engagement. But Zachary's no ordinary wealthy playboy, he's a man with a thirst for total control. When she realizes she has met her match, and is bound to be humiliated, which opponent will be seduced...and what secrets will be revealed?
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