The Vikings

Written by:
David Angus
Narrated by:
Joe Marsh

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2011
2 hours 26 minutes
Between the eighth and eleventh centuries Vikings stormed out of their Scandinavian homelands to raid and loot along the coasts of Europe. In old Norse to 'go a' viking' meant to take to sea in a long ship for an adventure. Sometimes this was a trading trip, sometimes a piratical raid. Often it was both. Explorers and traders, warriors and poets, they ranged between Byzantium in the south and Iceland, and even North America, in the North. Their fame lives on.
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For non-marketing types and those with no Corporate turn around experience, this is a different twist on book presentation. An interesting "play" with 5 "Acts" per CD, running 1 hour and 10 minutes, + or -. The Grasshopper and the Master go through a life of mentoring lessons on the aspects of marketing, sales, business strategies and vocabulary lessons. I truly learned something, and if nothing else, to develop a reading list of books and chapters. Listen to track 5 of the last CD first, then go to the beginning. You will listen to the whole program with a different ear.

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