Wally K. Daly: The Scream Trilogy & other sci-fi dramas: Six BBC Radio 4 full-cast productions

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2022
7 hours 19 minutes
Wally K. Daly's acclaimed trilogy about alien invasion, plus three more gripping sci-fi thrillers

Wally K. Daly was a prolific, award-winning dramatist, whose writing credits included Casualty, Juliet Bravo and Doctor Who. He wrote 38 radio plays during his 30-year career, across a range of genres including comedy, horror and science fiction. This collection includes his best-known SF serial, The Scream Trilogy, and three other thrilling sci-fi dramas.

The Scream Trilogy - In Before The Screaming Begins, Tom Harris is abducted by aliens on his wedding anniversary, and returned with new, frightening mental powers. The Silent Scream sees the alien invasion gathering pace, and humanity struggling to fend off enemies from without and within. And in With a Whimper to the Grave, the nations of Earth have formed a World Council to combat the threat they face. As the invaders' sinister plans are revealed, the Council takes action... Starring James Laurenson, Donald Hewlett, Patrick Troughton and John Shrapnel.

Nightmare World - When a worldwide power failure brings confusion and terror to Earth, one town in every country undergoes a strange and startling transformation. James Laurenson and Nigel Anthony star.

2004 - Written in 1995, this dystopian vision of the new millennium imagines a chaotic Britain consumed by lawlessness and violence. Into this troubled landscape steps a new Prime Minister, with a high-tech plan to eliminate crime... Starring Bill Nighy.

625Y - In this intriguing two-part drama, research scientist Kate Brown stumbles upon a gene that could determine human lifespan - but when news of her discovery leaks out, events spiral out of control... Amanda Root stars as Kate.

NB: Due to the off-air nature of the recordings, the sound quality may vary

Production credits
Written by Wally K. Daly
Produced and directed by Martin Jenkins (The Scream Trilogy), David Hitchinson (Nightmare World, 2004) and Gordon House (625Y)
Audio for The Scream Trilogy from Wally K. Daly's own collection, reversioned into three parts by BBC Radio 4 Extra

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