Wanted By the Elven King

Written by:
Charlene Hartnady
Narrated by:
Tatiana Sokolov

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2021
6 hours 42 minutes
Keto is soon to be crowned. He doesn't feel quite ready even though it's a day he's been working towards his whole life. There are many changes he wants to bring about, all for the betterment of his people. He has a kingdom to run and a council to win over. Elven kings can be voted out of power by their councils. His position is not yet cemented. His first order of business is to choose an elven female. One he can take as a mate. Keto desperately needs heirs. It is expected of him and must happen soon.

Why can't he get a certain vampire female out of his head though? It's worse when he sees her again after all these years. She doesn't recognize him and he can't blame her. He's changed so much. So has she and all for the better. Still tall and athletic, but curved in all the right places, and just as feisty as ever. So damned uncivilized and he loves every minute.

Find an elven female . . . do it now . . . he must keep his focus on a future mate.

Keto wants the vampire female one last time though . . . just once. Then he'll see about a mate . . . an elven mate. It's not like he has a choice!

Contains mature themes.
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I loved this series and didn’t want it to end!

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Kelly D.

Great series though rushed at the end

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