War Dogs Trilogy: Wounded Warriors of the Apocalypse

Written by:
Aj Newman
Narrated by:
Roger Wayne

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2022
18 hours 30 minutes
War Dogs Trilogy-Apocalyptic Sci-Fi survival Fiction

Three Books: Heading Home, No One Left Behind, and Amazon Warrior

Book One: Severely wounded Staff Sergeant Jason Walker and his Military Working Dog, MMax, are being shipped home. An EMP blast causes their plane to crash. Having survived two disasters, they face the Apocalypse and the struggle to get home. Will there be anything left to return to?

Book Two: Jason and his Military Working Dog, MMax, have to fight to stay alive while searching to find Jason's sister and brother in this post-apocalyptic world. Evil haunts them every step, while they attempt to honor their military motto, 'No One Left Behind.'

Book Three: Outgunned and outnumbered after the world fell into chaos, Sergeant Jason Walker and his Military Working Dog, MMax, desperately need the women around them to become warfighters. These Amazon Warriors fight and die to save their friends and loved ones in this post-apocalyptic survival story.
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