The War of the Worlds

Written by:
H.G. Wells
Narrated by:
B.J. Harrison

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2018
6 hours 45 minutes
Experience the original earth-shattering novel! Wells’ classic was written serially from 1895-1897, when steam locomotives and similar gargantuan machinery constituted the pinnacle of technological development. Now, relive the horrific wonder and amazement as aliens and their alien technology wreak havoc and mayhem in this world they’re determined to conquer.
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Brian H.

The narrator was fine. The book was .. meh. I read this when I was a pre-teen. I remembered none of it, and I can pretty much tell why. It's a classic, but that doesn't make it good. If you're looking for suspense, action, science fiction, plot twists .. yeah, this isn't the book. If you're looking for a human-interest story that just happens to be wrapped in a science fiction cover, you can probably add a star.

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Well narrated, beautiful classic.

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It’s an ok story… I get why is such a groundbreaking classic … but i didn’t find the story or the characters particularly compelling … love sci-fi on screen … on paper no so much I guess

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I expected so much more. It was just boring, not energetic, no fear with characters, they just seem to go along like eh look chappy an alien over yander, lol. Who knows maybe the narrator didn’t help either with his toes,

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Peter K.

Very good. Adventure, and a time machine taking you back more than a hundred years to experience life as was.

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The narrator was good,the writer also good,now I would like to listen to the readers but so far so good.

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