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Warforged Sorcerer

Written by:
Kyle Johnson
Narrated by:
Basil Sands

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2022
27 hours 14 minutes
War is coming to the Realms of Light.

Aranos destroyed a Nightmare Beast and wounded a god. The Darkness cannot let his actions stand. Armies are marching, and the lands of the Light are scattered, disorganized, and unprepared for the battles to come. Cities lay under a pall of Corruption, their leaders serving the Darkness while pretending to follow the Light.

It's up to Aranos to unite the lands and forge their armies into a force that can withstand the Darkness. To do that, though, he'll have to face hidden enemies, battle the rulers of nations, and convince the people of the Light to march under his banner. The key to victory is the Arcane Doors, but they may also be the instrument of the Light's destruction . . .
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