What Katy Did at School

Written by:
Susan Coolidge
Narrated by:
Karen Savage

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2016
4 hours 20 minutes
The continuing story of Katy Carr, recounting the time she spent at boarding school with her sister Clover. (Summary by Karen Savage)
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In this book, Katy and her sister Clover go back east to a boarding school. Because of Katy’s previous long illness and her recent experiences at being the housekeeper at such a young age, she has a grave and grownup air about her that most her age haven’t got. The family are visited by relatives. The lady comments about what she perceives to be Katy’s outlook. These comments cause Father to recognise that Katy needs time to be a child again. And so the decision to send the two girls to boarding school, where the daughter of that family goes. As with most books about boarding schools, there are a great deal of high jinx that go on. Katy does have somewhat more of a mature attitude towards things. However, the sisters make friends with a very mischievous girl and her influence brings out some of that old enjoyment of all things fun for Katy. But there are also deep lessons which Katy learns at school, not the least of which is getting on with girls who are quite unlike Katy and Clover. She learns patience and forgiveness, as well as other life lessons. So that by the end of their year at the school, Katy has learned to apply some of those previous lessons from the time of her illness to other aspects of life. The narrator was perfect for this book. She was able to make the book live. An exciting book needs to be read so that the excitement is felt, and Karen Savage did this brilliantly!

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