When Women Ruled the World: Six Queens of Egypt

Written by:
Kara Cooney
Narrated by:
Kara Cooney

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2018
9 hours 16 minutes
This riveting narrative explores the lives of six remarkable female pharaohs, from Hatshepsut to Cleopatra—women who ruled with real power—and shines a piercing light on our own perceptions of women in power today.

Female rulers are a rare phenomenon—but thousands of years ago in ancient Egypt, women reigned supreme. Regularly, repeatedly, and with impunity, queens like Hatshepsut, Nefertiti, and Cleopatra controlled the totalitarian state as power-brokers and rulers. But throughout human history, women in positions of power were more often used as political pawns in a male-dominated society. What was so special about ancient Egypt that provided women this kind of access to the highest political office? What was it about these women that allowed them to transcend patriarchal obstacles? What did Egypt gain from its liberal reliance on female leadership, and could today’s world learn from its example?

Celebrated Egyptologist Kara Cooney delivers a fascinating tale of female power, exploring the reasons why it has seldom been allowed through the ages, and why we should care.
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Naomi W.

I personally LOVE this book. Any political opinion the author has is a very small percentage of the book, which she only refers to in order to illustrate a point or draw comparisons between our modern world and the ancient world she is able to describe so marvellously. Very rarely will she reference politicians or modern-day issues, and even when she did I didn't mind and appreciated her professional perspective. The quality of Ancient Egyptain knowledge in this book, and the way it is written (and read to you) is compelling and insightful. I highly recommend it!

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Peter A.

Waste of money... I bought this book to hear about the Queens of Egypt not a false tale about Hilary Clinton losing just because she was a women. I lot of other climate change nonsense thrown in as well. Had to stop listening one hour into a nine hour book. Ripoff...

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Cindy J.

Really great book!

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