Whiskey Tribute

Whiskey Tribute

Written by:
Samantha Cole
Narrated by:
Donovan Kane
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2021
2 hours 41 minutes
A promise between best-friends…

Curt never thought he’d be forced to keep a pledge to watch over Eric’s family, but an assassin made that vow a harsh reality.

Eighteen months later, he’s still keeping an eye on them, but somewhere along the line, his feelings for the pretty widow have shifted.

Dana had been both a mother and a father to her children during her husband’s multiple deployments, but once he retired, she’d thought those days were over… she was wrong.

While his SEAL teammates have been there for her, one of them stands above all the rest— the man who is slowly invading her dreams.

They started as friends, but now, both want more. Can they move past the feeling that they’re betraying a dead man by wanting each other? Or is Eric always going to stand between them?
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