Witch's Mirror: A Magical Realism Witch and Vampire Romance

Witch's Mirror: A Magical Realism Witch and Vampire Romance

Written by:
Eva Alton
Narrated by:
Gabriela Milo , Adam Goodwin
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2020
10 hours 30 minutes
Embark into a magical trip to Lake Como, find out more about Clarence's past in Victorian London, meet a coven of Italian witches, and spend a magical night with a ghost... or two.Stray witch Alba is about to defy a vampire queen’s rules in order to undertake a journey to Italy in search of her witch ancestors, while Clarence seems to be having some mysterious vampire trouble he won’t share with anyone. Alba's quest might open a well-hidden Pandora’s box which can put at risk the lives of those she loves the most... but might also teach her about magic, love, and the many things you can do with a mirror.

This captivating tale is the sequel to award-winning Stray Witch, from The Vampires of Emberbury series. This is a Paranormal Vampire Romance / Paranormal Women's Fiction with an adult female protagonist.

Early Praise for Witch’s Mirror:'LOVED IT!!!!!! It was compelling and the pace was great: there was not a moment that my mind switched off! The flow is great, and it all connects beautifully. What an amazing second book to Stray Witch!' C. T.

'I just finished!! Wow! It's been such a pleasure to read this story. I'm so sad it's over, actually. And now I want to cry, because no more Alba and Clarence story tonight. Maybe I'll read it again.' K. H.

Other titles in this series:- Stray Witch (Book 1)
- Witch’s Mirror (Book 2)
- Witches Masquerade (Book 3)

- The Vampire's Assistant (Julia and Francesca's story: A Prequel Novella)
- A Winter's Cobalt Kiss (A Vampire Christmas Novelette in the World of Stray Witch)
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