Wolf Hunts

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2022
14 hours 44 minutes
How can you escape the hunt when everybody is hunting you?

Calli was born an impossibility. With the dual soul of a shifter and the natural magic of a witch, she was the first known shifter/witch hybrid. But in a world where witches hunt wolves to siphon their magic, and wolves kill witches, no questions asked, could she ever hope to find a place where she belonged?

When Calli's parents, a shifter and a witch, met and realized their mating would never be accepted, they went into hiding from both the Coven and the Pack. Despite living this way, Calli and her brother had grown up in a happy and loving home. After her parents are killed in a car crash one night, Calli's world spirals out of control. Now the guardian of her five-year-old brother, Jacob, they flee to America to hide. In Arbington, Calli and Jacob settle into the safe house their parents had set up. Even in death, they were watching out for them, but they soon discover a small wolf pack lives in the same town. Battling her confusing emotions towards the shifters only complicates things forcing Calli to make a decision. Trust her parents and stay? Or was it time to run again?

Contains mature themes.
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