The Woods Out Back

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2010
12 hours 0 minutes
Gary Leger thought life after college would bring great things. Instead, he's stuck in a dead-end job and finding that the real world isn't all it's cracked up to be.

But when he walks into the woods behind his house one day, Gary finds a world beyond the 'real world'-a realm of elves and dwarfs and witches and dragons. There he discovers that he is the only one who can wear the armor of the land's lost hero-and wield a magical spear.

And if he doesn't, he can never go home again.
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Amanda White

I enjoyed the story line and characters. The writing left a bit to be desired. Narration was done well.

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sarah smith

I'm following this journey till the end. I'm on book 3/3 now and just want to find out what happens. I find the narrator a little annoying with his pronunciations of certain words and dialogues. I wasn't really a fan of other book references or baseball talk but I guess that's just my taste.

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Dewey Stevens

Wow, this isn't the R. A. Salvatore that I am used to. This was just bad, bad, bad, and the ending was worse.

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