Wounds of the Father: A True Story of Child Abuse, Betrayal, and Redemption

Written by:
Elizabeth Garrison
Narrated by:
Hillary Huber

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2018
8 hours 44 minutes
In the bestselling tradition of Smashed and The Glass Castle, this raw, eye-opening memoir tells the powerful story of Elizabeth Garrison's fractured childhood, descent into teenage drug addiction, and struggle to overcome nearly insurmountable odds. Elizabeth invites the listener behind the closed doors of a picture-perfect Christian family to reveal a dark, hidden world of child abuse, domestic violence, and chilling family secrets all performed in the name of God under the tyrannical rule of her father. Like countless teenage girls, Elizabeth turns to drugs and alcohol to escape. With smack-you-in-the-face honesty, Elizabeth chronicles the dark realities and real-life horrors of teenage drug abuse, living on the streets, foster homes, and treatment centers. She paints an unsparing portrait of scratching and clawing her way out of the grips of child abuse, addiction, and betrayal to find the strength within herself to save her own life.

Contains mature themes.
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Laura Brown

First I need to say that terrible, crazy, hurtful and awful things happened to this girl. Second, the path to healing and recovery was long. Third, the narrator was awesome. The writing was repetitive (the inner turmoil and outward effects of her actions to others and herself.) However, I'm glad she was able to recover because too many alcoholics and drug addicts that have been molested or raped-commit suicide or just fall off the deep end and never recover.

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