YANG JOON-IL MAYBE : Password of You and I (Korean-English special edition)

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2021
2 hours 41 minutes
*This special edition includes chapter-by-chapter recording of the book read by the author in both English and Korean, as well as his song '가나다라마바사 (GaNaDaRaMaBaSa)'

The storyteller Yang Joon-il brings alive his stories and emotion that used to be delivered via his music and dance, or as he puts it, his whole body!

『Yang Joon-il MAYBE_ Password of You and I』 is the first book released by Korean singer Yang Joon-il, also known as JIY, who returned to the stage thanks to the calls from fans after 19 years. In this audio, JIY unfolds his life story in a poem-like short and thoughtful composition, to share with the world his deep thoughts and episodes that could make him fundamentally positive toward the world and himself: overcoming frustration and hurt from the past as an immigrant child in the United States who just loved dancing and singing; as a performing artist beset with bad luck, unable to fully manifest talent due to the prejudices in the South Korean society in early 1990s; and as a father who struggled to provide for his family through different physical labour working as a restaurant server and cleaner.

Loneliness and love, truth, forgiveness, happiness, peace, eternity ... The 'thoughts' that Yang Joon-il shares in this book are not the words of the sage or proverbs. Whenever the pain of life weighed on him, he says he thought 'Maybe this is not everything there is to it'. The title of this audio is also taken from that statement.
For him, 'MAYBE' is a word with 'hope' that can be subversive. The repeated frustrations and failures, Yang Joon-il could overcome with the teachings from several spiritual and philosophical leaders. Those words became a part of him throughout his life, and the truth and sincerity with which he digested them slowly have now created his own words that are easy and can be understood by everyone.

About the authors:
Yang Joon-il (JIY) - Called back to the life on stage by fellow singers and his loyal fans, he recently resumed his singing and dancing career after 19 years. This book is now out for the whole world so he can share the thoughts that have helped him overcome difficult times.
Ice Cream - After graduating from college, worked for magazines. Yang Jun Il's old friend.

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