Yanni's Story

Written by:
N.R. Walker
Narrated by:
Joel Leslie

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2018
15 hours 16 minutes
When Yanni Tomaras is kicked out of his family home, his parents' final words are religious insults and an order to never return. Homeless and desperate, he's lured in by Lance-charming on the outside, an evil predator underneath-who abuses Yanni until he finds the courage to leave.

Yanni should feel free. But by the time Spencer Cohen finds him, he's resigned to being handed back to Lance and once again being caged by fear.

Starting school and a part-time job, Yanni begins to reclaim his life. But a love for silent films leads him to Peter Hannikov, a man with a kind heart but who's twice his age. An unlikely friendship between them blooms into so much more. Neither man knows what he wants, at first. Finding out exactly what he needs is Yanni's story.

'I'd spent years as a bird, caged with my wings clipped, tormented and beaten. I thought I'd escaped when I'd left my abuser, but in hindsight, I could see that I was still caged, this time by fear and self-doubt. Spencer and Andrew, and Andrew's parents, opened the door to the cage that confined me. But it was Peter who taught me how to fly.'

Contains mature themes.
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Engaging story of a young gay man who had been on the streets and whose rescue and rehabilitation is a testimony to his own inner strengths and many very good and caring people. There is a fair amount of pathos and a well described, sometimes rocky, path to recovery. The story is not simply a spin-off of the earlier Spencer Cohen books ( all of which I have enjoyed, mostly through Audio books--more on that below. It can be greatly enjoyed on its own. And to those who have already read the others in the series, the intersections are seamless and fun to recognize. The characters are well developed and the author has a real knack in bringing out the characters in dialogue. The more titillating parts are both "more" and "titillating" and, for me, beautifully rendered. As to the narrator, I don't have adequate words to praise Joel Leslie's work. He has brought this excellent author's people to life in such a vivid way. I feel I truly know them--and like them! It is amazing how he is able to keep so many characters' voices in his head (given the large number throughout the series). I can see myself reading/listening to any and all works of N.R.Walker and Joel Leslie.

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