Yoruba: The Ultimate Guide to Ifa Spirituality, Isese, Odu, Orishas, Santeria, and More

Yoruba: The Ultimate Guide to Ifa Spirituality, Isese, Odu, Orishas, Santeria, and More

Written by:
Mari Silva
Narrated by:
Eric Burr
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2022
3 hours 47 minutes
Discover Yoruba, one of the oldest belief systems on the African continent!

Have you heard about the ancient Yoruba culture and wanted to find out more?

Did you know Yoruba has shaped several New World religions?

Did you know Yoruba can help you reveal your destiny?

Whether the answer to these questions is yes or no, this audiobook will expand your knowledge about this wonderful, vibrant, and fascinating culture.

By providing an in-depth introduction to Yoruba traditions, this audiobook will allow you to:

- Discover how the world and all living beings were created according to Yoruba.
- Understand the role of the Orishas and the Irunmole in the Yoruba pantheon.
- Familiarize yourself with all the female and male Orishas you can turn to with different issues.
- Peek into your future via an ancient Ifa divination practice and see the possible consequences of your actions.
- Comprehend the importance of venerating one’s ancestors in the Yoruba religion.
- Know the dates of the most noteworthy events on the Yoruba traditional calendar.
- Learn about some helpful Yoruba spells, rituals, and baths you can enhance your practice with.
- See how Yoruba have influenced Santeria, Vodun, and other contemporary religions.

Whether you want to honor your Yoruba ancestors, learn how to do Ifa divinations, or perform other traditional Yoruba ceremonies, this audiobook will help you reach your goals.

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