Zero Chill

Written by:
Carolyn Elizabeth
Narrated by:
Lori Prince

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2021
6 hours 46 minutes
Corey Curtis and Thayer Reynolds are more than happy to put the days of their turbulent courtship behind them. With the holidays upon them, they're looking forward to celebrating with friends and family, intimate moments alone, and festive surprises.

And in Corey's world, nothing says Christmas quite like a frozen body. One that Corey must defrost in order to close out her next case. The discovery of the deceased's possible connection to Thayer inflames the still healing wounds of their recent trauma and sends them both reeling back into a world of uncertainty and turmoil.

With her best friend in tow and the police not far behind, Corey ends up in the unlikeliest of places-a church. Along the way hate and violence erupt while corruption abounds. But from the ashes new relationships are kindled, and even the darkest moments are no match for Corey and Thayer's love.
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Jude S.

I really don’t recommend listening to Zero Chill if you haven’t read (or, even better, listened to Lori Prince’s narration of) Gallows Humor and Dirt Nap. There’s a logical progression to the various relationships and character growth that you’d miss out on. The best thing about this series is the characters. And while some might regret that the crime arc isn’t the strongest, I feel in return we get even more character development and I’m more than cool with that. I love Thayer and Corey. I love them individually and together. They’re flawed and complex and relatable. I love their banter and I love their difficult times, not only when they get hurt by outsiders, but also what they go through as a couple, how they grow together and with each other. Another very strong point is the science and how real Corey and Thayer’s professions feel. I’m in no position to judge how accurate Elizabeth’s descriptions of autopsies are, but they feel authentic and never, while reading, do I wonder whether she got a specific fact right or not. It's not my favourite Lori Prince narration, her voice for Corey doesn't work for me in this book, BUT Thayer, on the other hand… All my thoughts on that voice come in hot emojis and fainting gifs. I can’t be articulate about a voice like this one. All I want is to close my eyes and listen to it all day. Narration isn’t all about voices, however. Once again, Prince nails the pace and general atmosphere. So while I’m not one hundred per cent wowed, I recommend this audiobook wholeheartedly.

Zero Chill
This title is due for release on November 16, 2021.

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Zero Chill
This title is due for release on November 16, 2021
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Zero Chill
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Zero Chill

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