The Henry David Thoreau Box

Written by:
Henry David Thoreau
Narrated by:
The Arc , Geoffrey Giuliano

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2023
25 hours 45 minutes
Henry David Thoreau was an American writer and philosopher who lived in the 19th century. He is best known for his work Walden, a reflection on simple living in natural surroundings. Walden is Thoreau's account of his two-year experience living in a small cabin on the shores of Walden Pond near Concord, Massachusetts. In the book, he emphasizes the importance of living a simple, deliberate life and being self-sufficient. Thoreau's observations on the natural world and his critique of American society have made Walden a classic of American literature.
In addition to Walden, Thoreau wrote extensively on social and political issues of his time. One of his most famous works in this regard is Civil Disobedience, which advocates for nonviolent resistance to unjust laws. In the essay, Thoreau argues that it is not only a citizen's right, but their duty to disobey unjust laws and to be willing to accept the consequences of their actions. The essay has had a significant impact on political and social movements around the world, inspiring figures such as Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr.
Cape Cod is another of Thoreau's works, in which he describes his journey through the coastal region of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The book is a combination of natural history, personal observation, and social commentary. Thoreau's writing in Cape Cod is characterized by his vivid descriptions of the region's wildlife and natural features, as well as his reflections on the history and culture of the people who live there. Like his other works, Cape Cod showcases Thoreau's deep appreciation for nature and his belief in the importance of living a simple, intentional life.
Here is the ultimate Audiobook celebration of this great enduring artist narrated by Emmy-nominated actor and author Geoffrey Giuliano.
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